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Global Art transforms the way children learn art through its award-winning and internationally recognized program. Traditional art classes are teacher-oriented, non-progressive, and the skills rarely remain as your child grows. Global Art not only has its own progressive system, but it also enriches the creative minds of your children. We not only improve their skills in art, but we teach them a way of thinking that can only be described as creativity. Art is normally seen as a hobby or just a means to pass the time, but we in Global Art invite you to see the difference we can make in the life of your child.

Globalart Creative Learning Methodology was established 10 years ago (1999) with the objective to enhance children's learning disciplines so they will become more creative in their everyday lives.

Through the variety of our programmes, learners learn, grow and develop in a creative and conducive learning environment. The syllabus is designed for learners to experience education in a holistic manner.

The creative programmes are implemented around the world using the same source of teaching and learning concepts.

Winners of several prestigious awards, Globalart was awarded the "INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD" in 2009 by SME/SMI Malaysia.

Globalart believes that creativity leads to innovation. By inculcating good learning disciplines, learners will develop creative solutions to everyday challenges & elevate their thought-process and resourcefulness.

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Global Art & Creative is founded by Mr. Mahair Goh, after 10 years of teaching, with his vast experience & creativity he manages to revolutionized a new teaching technique that specifically assist each individual learning capability & soon he created a new market by taking his art programmes into franchising.


Starting with the 1st batch of 10 Franchisees with 1200 students in 1999 & just within 1 year the numbers of franchisees have risen to 60 with the students' population of 8,000.


2 years into the market, Globalart programmes were well recognized throughout Malaysia & soon Globalart received its first endorsement from one of the leading Art Academy in the country, Saito Academy.


With the ever-growing population of Globalart members, another endorsement from prestigious The One Academy was awarded to us and for the first time Globalart has taken a very important step by taking the programme into Brunei, our first international partner.


First international Globalart art drawing competition, the event saw the attendance of over 3000 participants & was awarded by the Malaysia Book of Record for the Biggest Glass Painting. A year later Singapore & Indonesia joined us.


A landmark year for Globalart Malaysia with the programme being widely accepted, and more countries had joined us starting with Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia & India. On the 7th of November once again GAC Malaysia was awarded by MBR for The Largest Chain of Art Centers in our 2nd annual Globalart International Art Coloring Competition with the theme "Yes, I can!."


With ten countries and a student population reaching 100,000 worldwide, the response was overwhelming. With the supports rendered to us all these years, Globalart Malaysia pledges to continue its effort in promoting Art & Creativity by organizing more seminars/exhibitions & art competition.


Seven years into the industry - our programmes are endorsed by The prestigious LimKokWing University College of Creative Technology. The same year saw another 6 countries Sri Lanka, Maldives, New Zealand, Fiji, Jordan & Russia joining us.


Global Art Indonesia was awarded The Largest Chain of Art Centers by MUSEUM REKOR DUNIA INDONESIA, this year saw the 1st personal award for Global Art founder, presented by Junior Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (International) for the "2007 TOP OUTSTANDING YOUNG MALAYSIAN" under the "Business & Entrepreneurial ship" Award, soon Global Art Canada is founded.


Globalart Philippines is established, This very same year saw Global Art received its 1st Award from SMI/SME Malaysia, ( Largest SME industry association ) winning the 2008 "Young Entrepreneur Award."


After 10 years of establishment, Globalart celebrates its 10th Years of Excellence with style by winning the 2009 "Innovation Excellence" awarded by SME Malaysia, with that in place Globalart family grows with the inception of Global Art Hanoi (Vietnam), Cambodia & United States.

The Founder

Art and creative drawing has the power to enhance a child's mental development, broaden the scope of imagination and exploration of hidden creative talent. Parents send their children for art lessons not because they want them to be artists one day, but to equip them for their soon to be field of endeavor. Positive experience in art develops imagination and promotes a more towards the natural and man-made world. It also increases self-esteem, confidence in problem solving and logical sequence of developing ideas.

The dilemma that we face is that emphasis is placed on other subjects like languages, mathematics, and sciences - but not on art. Students nowadays cannot even draw a simple drawing or outline. Ironically almost all subjects taught in schools needs an illustration, an outline, a drawing, and a diagram. Students are just not mentally equipped to accomplish these art based demands.

How well one draws depends on how well one sees. Art training can tremendously help in the development of Visual Processing - the foundation of the human learning process. Our aim in Global Art is to enhance this untouched potential of being able to see and visually process what was seen, and then interpreting what was processed in an aesthetic work of art.

Our exhaustive and thoroughly researched syllabus aims to provide our students with formal art training comparable to any syllabus taught in art school. Students can learn the basics, from subject composition, perspective, color harmony and contrast, to human figure drawing. Systematic and straightforward, this syllabus is designed to cater to the needs of all students even to those with no artistic talents.

Mahair Goh

Founder / Director of Global Art

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