Basic Level
Basic Level: For 7 to 9 years old
Introduction to creative drawing based on themes. Children will be given different themes for each 10 project in a workbook to start with. Thus, they have to write a short story of what the theme is doing, where is it doing it, with who, when and why. After putting down all of his imagination into writing, the children will have to translate his short story into drawing, guided by trained instructors. No more pre-drawn objects at this level onward.
Main objective:
  1. Enhancing students' creative thinking skills by creating a short story based on different theme in each project.
  2. Enhancing students' drawing skills as they move from simple themes to more complicated themes.
  3. Enhancing students' coloring skills by introducing different coloring techniques.
Basic drawing materials, Color pencil, Global Art Oil Pastel, Neon Color Pencil, and Neon Oil Pastel.
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