1. What is Global Art?

  1. It is an International Creative Art Program for children 4 years old and above.

  2. We teach creativity or creative thinking skills using Art as a vehicle. We do not train our students to be an artist. However, we train them to be able to think out of the box, transfer their imagination into something visual.
  3. We are originally from Malaysia, but right now we are in 18 countries including USA, China, Australia, India and all Southeast Asian countries.

2. I'm interested to enroll my son with you, but does my child need to be talented?

Talent is an ability in progress. That means if anyone wants to be talented, they will only need to bring their INTEREST and like any other areas we want to excel, there is no other way than to keep on practicing consistently with proper guidance and mentors to make one better.

We provide that experience with a fun, conducive, educational environment at GLOBAL ART.

3. What do you teach children or how do you teach?

  1. For 4 years old or 5 years old, we start by asking the child to trace an object to enhance their motor skills since children that age usually do not have a proper pencil grip yet. After that we will teach the child to color the object, so we will be teaching them proper color combination and stroke.

  2. For 6 years old, we would again ask the child to trace an object but at this age, a child should also be able to draw some objects in addition to the traced object.

  3. For students aged 7 years old and above, they will have to draw from zero. Each project will have a theme. Then our teachers will encourage each student to imagine and have their imagination written down and help them to put their imagination into a drawing (composition skill). Thus, we teach Children to IMAGINE WITHIN PARAMETERS.

4. What is the difference between Global Art and any other Art school or center?

  1. Global Art encourages students to be creative, but more importantly, we teach them the SKILLS to be able to translate those ideas into a work of art. The challenge is HOW TO COMMUNICATE the idea through your work.

  2. Our goal is to equip students to be able to work independently while maintaining the quality of their work.

  3. We create our own GLOBAL ART products to ensure the quality of each artwork and support what we teach.

  4. Global Art has a very systematic and progressive curriculum that will serve as a strong foundation for your children because we teach many techniques and we use different mediums.

  5. Global Art conducts an annual competition that will give our students an opportunity to showcase their skills and what they have learned in class. This is held LOCALLY, then INTERNATIONALLY.

  6. We are in 18 countries, and our students can easily transfer and continue their progress in the different countries with Global Art.

5. For what age is Global Art?

4 years old and above. Including adults!

6. How much is it? What is your schedule?

Please call a center nearest you to know about its class schedule as well as their training fee.

7. After my child finishes his or her workbook, what happens next?

They can continue to the next level to learn new skills. New workbook fees will apply. They can also shift into our other programs like: G-Clay, Acrylic Painting, Cartoon and Comic.

8. How long is the program?

The duration of each level depends on the speed of the child. However, we charge students per term (3 months) so that the child stays with us for a minimum period of time to gain from our curriculum and method.

9. What level will my child have to start in?

We will have to set up an appointment for an assessment so our teachers can determine which level will be appropriate for your child.

10. If my child misses a session? Can it be replaced?

Yes, you can replace any missed session within the term (3 months) that you are enrolled for. However, if you cannot do the replacement class within the term, you can have an extended period to have you replacement classes as long as you re-enroll for the next term.

11. Can my child do the drawing or coloring at home?

You can bring the materials home but you cannot let your child do the workbook at home because we want to make sure that the students learn all of the techniques. They might finish the whole book but end up not learning anything if they did it at home.

12. What is the average teacher - student ratio?

6 - 8 students for each teacher.

13. How many times in a week does my child need to do the lesson?

  1. 2 hours a week or 8 hours in a month.

  2. For children 4 to 6 years old, there may be those whose attention spans are short.Thus, we encourage them to come twice a week for 1 hour each.

  3. If your child is 7 years old and above, he can come once a week for 2 hours straight.