Chinese Commercial News - Nov. 5, 2010

Breeding Creative Intelligence

Art Education as Investment for Children's Mental Growth

by: Grace Gato

"Kuya Kim" is excited, not because of an upcoming show or increasing popularity but because of his children who would be among hundreds of other young artists featured in Global Art's national competition in November. From weather reporter to animal expert, Alejandro Ilagan Atienza or more fondly known as "Kuya Kim", has built a strong following among youngsters. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Kim is a dotting father of three children namely Jose, 8; Eliana, 6; and Emman, 4.

Being an active advocate of children and a father, he believes in investing in a child's mental growth and art education, as he had recently discovered, developed and trained his children's academic competency and intelligence. Convinced in the healthy and productive investment of art education, Kim has enrolled them to Global Art.

"I've noticed that children today are bombarded by media and ready-made information, thus there is very little room for creativity and critical thinking. The classes greatly honed their ability to think independently and express themselves more freely which I believe, helps them in their academic subjects to think creatively and be confident and resourceful with their work," Kim said.

More than just learning center, Global Art is an International Creative Art Program that aims to develop children's competence in visual processing and interpretation of visual cues by going beyond merely teaching children how to copy, draw and color. After having taught children for more than a decade, Mahair Goh founded Global Art in 1999 in his home country of Malaysia and set to utilize his vast experience and creativity by revolutionizing a new teaching technique by using art to hone children's learning capability through breeding their creative intelligence.

Arriving in the Philippines in 2008, Global Art has been inspiring hundreds of Filipino children, aged 4 years and above, too create without restrictions, to think independently and creatively and to freely express themselves. Through its systematic curriculum, learning is guaranteed through various teaching methods fitted to suit to age groups and individual skills such as storytelling, logical sequence of developing ideas and motor skill enhancement.

With Global Art, honing essential drawing, coloring and copying skills has become more than just an extra curricular activity and a summer school program but a useful method of learning discipline, creativity and resourcefulness, that is very useful in all academic areas such Mathematics and Physics.

"Almost all subjects taught in schools need an illustration, a drawing or a diagram. Having a background in art education helps children in preparing for the demands of academic subjects. Their creative intelligence or the ability to see things in different angles and to easily articulate new ideas, complements other mental tasks demanded from them in school," Yenny Saw, the mother and owner behind Global Art Philippines said.

With the average six to eight students per teacher, learning supervision is concentrated and maximized. The students will also be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete with children from all over the country in Global Art's annual art competition.

Unlike other art schools and learning centers, Global Art focuses on creative thinking, only drawing or coloring class. Art classes would usually just put an apple in front of the class and ask the students to copy the apple. The student who would draw the apple with the closest resemblance to the model will get the highest grade.

"At Global Art, we teach students not to just copy objects but to create interesting stories behind each stories. They would have to think where the apple is, what the apple is doing, with whom, when and how. For example, the apple may be doing a 10k marathon or the apple is a beauty pageant winner or even hanging out with his friends at the beach," Saw explained.

Global Art has branches in Ortigas, Makati, Quezon City Del Monte and Katipunan, Serendra and Davao City. Interested parents may avail of a free trial appointment to gauge their child's skills before placing them in a level that corresponds to their abilities and interests. After registration and payment, parents have the option of choosing a convenient class schedule for their child. To ensure that the child learns new skills from the class, parents would be required to avail a minimum term of a three months.

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