Parent's Testimonials

from: LJ Sangutan, Mommy of Atheena

Enrolling my daughter, Atheena, in Globalart is one of the best decisions I have made. Globalart has provided Atheena a great environment and experience where she can develop her creative skills even at her young age.

Not only did Globalart helped Atheena to enhance her creativity skills in drawing, coloring, and arts. But it also helped boost her self-confidence and helped her develop a positive self-image. Now she is very proud to show off her artistic works with confidence.

With friendly teachers in Globalart, Atheena really enjoys learning and attending her class with enthusiasm.

Truly Globalart is a great training ground for Athena to be a great artist in the future.

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from: Angela E. Biag, Mommy of Ocean

I signed-up my daughter Ocean with Globalart to keep her occupied while her brother is having guitar lessons at a nearby music school. Frankly, I expected Globalart to be just another form of a glorified babysitter. What I didn't expect is that Globalart could actually cultivate Ocean's creative skills, improve her attention span and boost her confidence.

Each art project she does with Globalart is a design of beauty, structure and discipline.

Globalart is truly a positive part of my daughter's life. It helps her get through the day. I am convinced Globalart works.

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from: Dominique Kiersten Lim's parents

Our daughter Dominique has always been shy and insecure of herself, and Global Art changed all that. From an unassuming girl, she became more confident of herself and her standing with others. We saw her grow up to become a mature girl who is responsible and obedient, all because of the disciplined instilled on her by her training in Global Art. Furthermore, she has learned the true spirit of competition, to be humble in victory and learn from defeats by competing locally and internationally. At the same time, Her training with the teachers and interaction with her peers have tremendously improved her social skills, and allowed her to be more comfortable with people. We believe that all these training will make her more prepared with the various experiences she will have in life.

The experience with Global Art made Dominique a better older sister, a great daughter, and a loving granddaughter. She makes friends easily now, goes in front during parties, and does not hide behind us. Global Art prepared her for life, and taught her life skills beyond academics. What's more, she performed much better in school, being able to integrate the same discipline and hunger to succeed that Global Art has instilled in her. We will forever be grateful to Global Art for making Dominique the perfect daughter she is now, and what she will eventually achieve in life.

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from: Jocelyn B. Veneracion, mommy of Tristan

I realized how Global Arts sharpen his artistic skills and develop his interest, his appreciation for colors and creativity improves a lot, his attention span and patience was better encouraged, he better appreciated nature, that he tries to imagine one day he will draw big trees, mountains and tall buildings. The underwater world with sharks and fishes. The skies with stars, moon and rainbow, and birds in formation under the clouds.

Global Art, is really developing one's potential and creates better understanding and imagination of the world around us. It's a great opportunity to develop one child's talent and ability to find that Global Art exist, is a treasure.

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from: Mr and Mrs. Edgar Go, parents of Bryle

We are happy, Bryle's motor skills really improved just 3 visits pa lang and he can sit longer and focus on the stuff he is working.

art classes philippines testimonials

from: Cynthia T. Romo, Mommy of Tamar Liz

Global Art is a very child friendly school. It makes children excited to explore the world of art, they are not afraid to try out new things. Thank you for making Tamar a prt of Global Art family.

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from: Norma Gonzaga, mommy of Jeslyn Kaydee Gonzaga

The reason why I love global art is already expressed in their motto "THINK CREATIVE". As a parent I can only do as much as putting a crayon in my child's hand, I cannot force out creativity. I can only encourage it to come forth. That is why I enrolled her in Global Art, to learn and give her the best possible environment to explore the beauty of the world around her and express her creativity in her own unique way.

drawing classes philippines testimonials

from: Kaithlyn Ann Chua's Parents

1.why choose globalart for your child/children?

We chose Global Art because Global Art provides a nurturing structure and the discipline to develop our child's creative potential. The Global Art curriculum allows Kaithlyn to acquire disciplines in creativite thinking so it helps her excel in everything she does. It also provides Kaithlyn with early exposure to a wider perspective of what is out there (a global thinking perspective). Global Art is one of our partner in Kaithlyn's character-building foundation. Characters such as endurance, patience, perseverance and time management are built in a fun and creative environment. long have your child/children been learning at globalarts?

Going on her third year

3. Is there any positive development in your child/children since learning at globalart?

Yes. She gains confidence, dicipline of hard work and time management. Finishing tasks given limited time and giving exemplary work.

4. Can your child/children create art independently? How and why?

Yes because art allows Kaithlyn to express her thoughts in an organized manner which is comprehensible.

5. Do you think learning art may help your child/children in the future? How and why?

Yes learning art helps our child in developing endurance, patience and time management.

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Student's Testimonials

from: Anne Kristine Gallo (Tintin)

Why do I love Global Art:

I love Global Art because Global Art enhanced my talent in art. They taught me on how to blend colors using oil pastels and colored pencils and on how to draw properly.Global Art is the reason why my skills has improved and I was able to win on art contests.

What do I love best or my favorite thing about Global Art:

I love the lessons on how to draw proportions (like how to draw humans, hands, feet, animals, etc) and how to blend colors.  I also love their art materials like the oil pastels. My favorite thing that made me happy was when I won in the National Competition and I had the chance to travel and compete in Vietnam.

drawing classes philippines student testimonials

from: Denise Kho

My name is Denise Kho, I am 9 years old. My auntie enrolled me at Global Art last 2 year as a Christmas present for me and because she knew that I would enjoy Global Art and learn a lot from it. She was right, I have been with Global Art ever since then and I seldom missed my session.

I love learning at Global Art because I always love art and drawing. Global Art teaches me so many different techniques in drawing and coloring so now I can better express myself thru art.

Learning art at Global Art also helps me to become more artistic and creative because not only do I have more ideas to draw, but I can now present it more beautifully. I love Global Art and I love my teachers and classmates.

painting classes manila student testimonials

from: Richell Tan

My name is Richell Tan and I am 12 years old, I have been studying at Global Art for almost 2 years. I always enjoy drawing and painting and I have joined so many art centers before. But I love Global Art the most because it teaches me to compose a story and draw based on my story. Because of that, I have to think more creatively to come up with different and interesting stories and try my best to draw based on those stories that I have.

Now my drawing and coloring have improved a lot. I started with drawing simple objects and moved to drawing people in action now. I can’t wait to learn more at Global Art.

art classes philippines student testimonials

from: Dominique Kiersten Lim

I have been enjoying my global art classes for two years, and been pestering my mother to bring me to global art every free time I have. I really love my teachers, who had been extremely patient with me. Everyone in global art has been helpful and attentive to me, which is why I felt that it is like my second home. If only there is a choice, I would have stayed longer to interact with my teachers. Every time I go there, I learn something new. To cap it off, Global art gave me an opportunity to go abroad and see myself competing with other kids. While I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up, I know my training in Global Art will help me to become successful.

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